Who am I?

Howdy! I've been doing cybersecurity for 20+ years, but recently, ransomware has fascinated me. Part of my job has been doing press interviews, and one question has repeatedly been, "Should victims pay the ransom?". I've never been quite sure; it's very personal with good reasons to pay or NOT pay, but I was never sure if it was legal. Thus, this website was born. Also, I wanted to play with ChatGPT 4.0... which is how all the website was built.

The Purpose of This Page

Honestly, I am just trying to visually display all the information I have found regarding the legality of ransomware (or, more accurately, cyber extortion) ransom payments. It's not always perfect, and my ability to read only one language has made this challenging, but hopefully, it will be helpful to you!

Contact Me

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or feel free to be more corporate and find me on LinkedIn.

Last Updated

This page was last updated October 2023.


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